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Could you retire on $35,107 per year?

That is the median household income of seniors today, according to an analysis of 2011 U.S. Census Bureau data by, a financial information website owned by

At 57% of the median income of Americans ages 45 to 64 it is not what most would consider “flush”.

“Nearly 20 million seniors — or almost half of the elderly population –are living on incomes that put them precariously close to the poverty line, with women, blacks and Hispanics more likely to struggle financially in retirement”, according to a recent report from the Economy Policy Institute.

While, to most of us, not having enough income is the greatest threat to retirement, there are worse threats that many do not consider but that could be far more devastating than limiting dinners out. 

Retirement Threats to Consider 

Most people will work about 45 years until retirement.  In today’s economy some are being forced to retire early since they cannot find a job.  The real question is whether you will have enough money whenever you choose or need to retire.

We already know that many of us are not saving enough for retirement.   However there are many stories of those who saved plenty and/or had generous pension plans and had to file for bankruptcy to save their retirement.

One of the biggest reasons people struggle through retirement is they wait too long to start saving.  If you saved $100 per month beginning at age 21 you could have upwards of $143,000 by retirement.

Today some who started retirement flush with lots of cash are struggling.  Today due to substantial changes in our economy and markets some who waited 45 years will have to take on jobs and what jobs can a 67 year old get?  Starbucks?  Some are lucky enough to get consulting work however most will end up in low paying hourly roles, if they can get them.

Today’s unemployment numbers do not represent the percentage of people unemployed.  The numbers reflect those who are collecting unemployment insurance.   Those unemployed after 26 weeks, when most unemployment benefits end, are not being counted.  Some have estimated the true unemployment number at 17% of the population.

You’ll be competing with applicants of all ages at Starbucks, Walmart and other hourly jobs.  At the current rate of job creation compared to those entering the work force every year the numbers could go higher!  How easy will it be to get a job when 25% of the US is looking?

The way to minimize your chances of competing for hourly jobs at $8 to $12 per hour is to create a comprehensive retirement plan that includes all the issues that you will face.

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