Retirement Planning Risks & Threats – Top Ten

10 greatest threats to your retirement

Could you retire on $35,107 per year? That is the median household income of seniors today, according to an analysis of 2011 U.S. Census Bureau data by, a financial information website owned by At 57% of the median income of Americans ages 45 to 64 it is not what most would consider … [Read more...]

Retirement Calculator – Your Monthly Savings Plan Contribution


A lump sum of $750,000 upon retirement is achievable. It might seem an impossible task but if a solid investment plan is put in place early enough, such a retirement figure (hopefully considerably more) is possible; however, an individual must begin saving as soon as they leave college and begin work – discipline is … [Read more...]

I don’t want to pay taxes on all that money!!!


Are you trying to figure out ways to not pay taxes on all that money you plan on putting into retirement, watch this video to understand how a Roth IRA can do this.  Ever been curious why it's called a Roth IRA,... we're pretty sure you don't care, but we are certain you want to know about its power to get you the … [Read more...]