Understand the 10 Greatest Retirement Risks Factors

10 Greatest Threats to Your Retirement

Could you see yourself retiring on just $35,107 per year?  This is the reported median household income for the retired population today (with inflation and time value of money considered) according to Forbes.com, along with a reported median spending that averaged $31,165. How long can you afford to outspend what you … [Read more...]

Retirement Planning Risks & Threats – Top Ten

10 greatest threats to your retirement

Could you retire on $35,107 per year? That is the median household income of seniors today, according to an analysis of 2011 U.S. Census Bureau data by Interest.com, a financial information website owned by Bankrate.com. At 57% of the median income of Americans ages 45 to 64 it is not what most would consider … [Read more...]

Retirement Planning: The Five Most Important Steps


Tax breaks, stock market behavior, the ever-fluctuating 401(k) & IRA rates; understanding these crucial sectors of your retirement plan can mean the difference between comfort and financial woes in your later years. Finding the best IRA rates is helpful to those who seek an early retirement age. Being prudent … [Read more...]

Retirement Calculator – Your Monthly Savings Plan Contribution


A lump sum of $750,000 upon retirement is achievable. It might seem an impossible task but if a solid investment plan is put in place early enough, such a retirement figure (hopefully considerably more) is possible; however, an individual must begin saving as soon as they leave college and begin work – discipline is … [Read more...]

Retirement Planning Calculator – Monthly Savings Tips

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Eighty six percent of citizens have little confidence in their retirement plans or indeed, no plan at all. Many have no idea how much they should be saving to ensure some degree of financial stability in their retirement. Retirement planning can be difficult – a ‘one size fits all’ approach will not work. Everyone … [Read more...]