Retirement Plan Calculator – Save for Retirement

Failure means running out of money when it’s too late to do anything about it!

Retirement planning can appear complicated. There are many rules to follow for contribution limits for Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA’s), Roth IRA’s, and 401(k) plans. Understanding your retirement options and careful planning is necessary to reach your retirement goals. Thousands of baby boomers retire each … [Read more...]

How to Retire Rich With Poor Returns on your Money

Success with Pessimistic Retirement Planning

So do you want to know the impact your retirement age will have in terms of your retirement savings? If you plan to retire at 62 versus 67, you would have to invest almost 5% more to achieve that goal for 62.  However what occurs if you plan to retire at 67 and because of medical reasons you have to retire at 62?  A … [Read more...]

What do you know about the Investment Universe?


Are you familiar with the three worlds of finance or do you just know how to lose money in the market? As they say its very easy to spend money and a lot harder to make it. Would you like to retire at 45 with over $1,000,000? Who wouldn't? But its actually possible for those that take the time to learn the steps to … [Read more...]

Hey Boss! Why don’t you pay for my future!


Why is over $30 billion dollars invested in 401k plans?   For starters many 401k participants are earning contributions from their employers.   Have your employer pay for your future and learn about what a 401K  can do for you in this video.  Spend a few minutes if you want to learn more about how a 401k works and if … [Read more...]

I don’t want to pay taxes on all that money!!!


Are you trying to figure out ways to not pay taxes on all that money you plan on putting into retirement, watch this video to understand how a Roth IRA can do this.  Ever been curious why it's called a Roth IRA,... we're pretty sure you don't care, but we are certain you want to know about its power to get you the … [Read more...]