Adult Children Need To Discuss Later Life Issues With Their Parents

Adult Children to Parents

Each year, concerns mount about the ability for Americans to retire safely.  Only 14% of Americans feel comfortable that they can retire.[1]  In terms of money for retirement, 42% fear they might outlive their savings.[2]  The sad fact is that 57% of pre-retirees haven’t even created a concrete retirement … [Read more...]

How to Choose a Financial Advisor

Picking the right Financial Advisor for you.

Examining where you are financially and putting together a Financial Preparedness plan requires a bit of time and effort.  Inevitably, the question pops up as to whether to do this on your own or to work with a financial advisor. The short answer is yes, either way. The long answer is if you choose to go it alone … [Read more...]

Becoming Financially Prepared for Retirement – Considering Liabilities

preparing for liabilities

When you’re trying to understand if you’re financially prepared for retirement, it’s important to evaluate your current situation and look at four areas: Assets Liabilities What Counts Toward Retirement and What Doesn’t Forms of Income In this article we'll look at how to evaluate your liabilities as well … [Read more...]